The Luxurious Series

It’s all about relaxation.

A Luxurious Massage is classic massage exclusively focused on relaxation. Long, soothing strokes will lead you to a blissful state of stillness.

Dial your tensions down, turn off the chattering mind, and enjoy a reprieve from a busy world.

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With essential oils.

Every Luxurious Massage includes a choice of aromatic essential oils. I currently feature lavender and a selection of citrus oils. Bergamot is a client favorite.

Are you sensitive to scents? We’ll stick to unscented hypoallergenic oil or cream.

There’s a session just for you.

In addition to the menu below, I can customize any full body session to fit your preference. Would you prefer attention just to your calves and ankles? Just the back? Only the arms? You got it.

Luxurious Full Body

Classic massage to deeply relax the whole body. The best vacation without any of the work.
$100 - 75 minutes.
$140 - 105 minutes.

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Luxurious Head & Neck

A session of exquisite attention just to the head, face & neck.
$80 - 60 minutes.

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Luxurious Head, Hands & Feet

Total luxurious focus on the head, face, hands & feet.
$120 - 90 minutes.

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