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How Stretching Works

Updated: less than 1 minute read

Stretching is a great way to gain more flexibility in a muscle or around a joint. Do you know what stretching actually does in the body?

Owww! My Low Back

Updated: 1 minute read

Have pain in the hip, low back, or down the leg? Difficulty walking or bending over? An “Owww! My Low Back” session can get you started out of pain and back into life again.

The Massage Station at GreenStar!

Updated: less than 1 minute read

Did you know that you can walk-in to the GreenStar West End store and get a seated massage? I’m there regularly on Mondays from 11-3.

A Massage for the Eyes

Updated: 1 minute read

I took this image while touring the western side of Ireland on the Kerry Camino, along the Dingle Peninsula.

Kinesiophobia & You

Updated: 5 minute read

Have you noticed that when it starts hurting to bend down, you avoid bending down? Maybe you avoid anything that might require you to bend down. Chalk it up to kinesiophobia, a fear of moving because you believe it might cause pain. It c...

2018 Guide to Being Local book

Updated: 1 minute read

Jolly Buddha has coupons in the new The Guide to Being Local 2018 book. Get some great discounts on massage, and save money on products and services from your other favorite local merchants.