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If you have low back pain that keeps you from sleeping at night, the Owww! My Low Back massage session could help.

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A pain in the butt.

Sure. Or the hips, or the small of the back. Low back pain is considered any pain happening around the sides or back of the hips & pelvis. It might also include occasional sharp pain or burning sensation down the back of the legs or up along the spine.

Hips don’t lie.

The low back and hips are crucial to just about everything we do as bipedal humans. Sitting, walking, bending, twisting, all the big body movements rely on the low back, pelvis and hip joint.

The pelvis is the body’s big hinge, connecting the upper body and the lower body together. Long back muscles, core abdominal muscles, hip, leg and butt muscles attach at the sacrum and the pelvic bones. Thick ligaments join the sacrum with pelvis; other ligaments keep the leg bones pulled into the hip sockets.

When something goes wrong here, it can feel debilitating. And low back pain is signal from the brain to the body that something is not right around the pelvis and hips.

With the Owww! My Low Back massage, I concentrate specifically on the muscles and tissues around the sacrum and hip, either on one side or both as needed. I’ll also check the connecting muscles of the back, legs, and abdominal, to see if they’re involved in your low back pain experience.

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About the session.

An Owww! My Low Back session is $90. The full appointment usually runs 1¾ hours from start to finish. Allow 2 hours when scheduling to be safe.

Each session includes 60 minutes of massage therapy. When you arrive, we’ll take time to go over your medical history and the nature of your chronic pain experience. Following the treatment, I recommend sitting for 5-10 minutes before leaving the office. I have a selection of teas, coffee, and water to offer.

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